Code Word Brain


Hi, I'm Carolyn Woollard the Founder of Code Word Brain

I’m a primary teacher, parent, breath & brain coach, & a long-standing tutor in the Film & TV industry where, in addition to teaching young actors their schoolwork, I used novel, brain-based approaches to help little Aussie ‘stars‘ quickly comprehend their scripts, commit their lines to memory, keep anxiety at bay & nail their scenes!

My methods came from the ground-breaking research & teachings of experts like Dr Mike Merzenich, Carol Dweck, Dr Daniel Amen, Patrick McKeown, Norman Doidge & Jim Kwik.

I was so encouraged by how quickly these neuroscientific techniques improved expressive & receptive language, reading ability, confidence & even happiness for my students that I launched Code Word Brain to help kids everywhere.

When it comes to neuroplasticity language development, it’s routine that plays the ‘starring’ role & when it comes to routine… there’s no place like home! That’s why Code Word Brain is delivered online. You won’t need to go anywhere but (with Wi-Fi) you can do Code Word Brain everywhere — even on holiday.

For parents who know that good practice routines change everything, I’m here to guide & motivate the mission so your child is more inclined to take the personal me time needed to change & improve their brain for better learning & brighter days.

Carolyn Woollard

DipTeach | GradDipEd (Deakin University)

Accredited Provider of Fast ForWord, Australia

Accredited Sounds~Write Practitioner (SPELD)

Certificate in the Buteyko Breathing Method (CertBBM)

Certified Brain Health Professional (Amen Clinics)

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