A Personalised, Brain-Based Routine

for better learning, BETTER READING AND brighter Days

Your Teacher-Led Package

Accelerate school success with your child’s own, personally-adaptive learning routine.

At Code Word Brain, I combine web-based, clinical-strength language, breath & cognitive training with professional tele-teacher support for a playful, yet uniquely targeted way to simultaneously improve your child’s written & verbal communication, reading skills, memory, sleep, & processing-rate. Whether you’re at home, or using Wi-Fi on-the-go, your child can uphold my brainy learning routine in as little as 30-minutes a day!


 Your Child’s Own Teacher-Monitored ‘Neuroplasticity’ Program for Clinical-Strength Language, Reading & Brain Development

 Flexible, Family-Friendly, Neuroscientific Access Options of  30-minutes once, twice or thrice a day, over 3 to 5 days per week 

1, 2, or 3 learning missions at a time – your choice!

A Live, Monthly 40-Minute Tutor Call for General Help, Phonics Help, Oral Reading & Breathwork, &/or
Program Help

$360 per month

ALSO INCLUDES an exclusive placement test for a clever snapshot of your child’s phonological awareness, decoding, vocabulary and comprehension skills.

PLUS… A FREE 30-Minute Orientation Call During Your 1st Week!

Please see the next (orange) section for your child’s ‘learning mission’ options.

 Suggested teacher call format: 10-mins parent questions & 30-mins student tutoring

To add more student/teacher calls, or for sibling discounts, see ‘more details’ below.

Which Path to Mission Complete?

I’ll help ensure the most appropriate learning mission for your child by talking with you & using test results. Each chosen mission comes delivered in 30-minute online bursts. Learners have the option to use up to 3 bursts per day across a choice of 1, 2 or 3 of the missions. The minimum brain plasticity requirement for each mission is 30-minutes/day, over 3-days/week, but for optimal results the frequency of a 5-day routine is encouraged. 

School/Reading Readiness | Age 4½+

MISSION: Fast ForWord® Reading Readiness

(Allow approximately 4 – 12 weeks to complete)

Brain & Language Boot Camp | Age 5 – 13+

MISSIONS: Fast ForWord® Foundations I & II

(Allow approx 6 – 16 wks each; sequential missions)

English Learning-Gap Extension | Age 5 – 13+

MISSIONS: Fast ForWord® Levels 1 to 4

(Allow approx 4 – 12 weeks for each level needed)

Oral Reading Fluency | Age 4½ – 13+

MISSION: Reading Assistant Plus[450+ Books]  

(Allow approx 4 – 24+ weeks of practice/experience)


Why Fast ForWord?

An Overview For Kids

Learning doesn’t only happen as a product of teaching – a learner needs time to explore & hypothesise. Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant Plus allow your child the time and space to think about problems (and their answers) in a controlled, non-judgmental & playful environment… 

An Overview For Parents 

Aristotle put it this way… “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act, but a habit.  Fast ForWord offers the personalised, vital repetition a learner’s brain needs so children feel supported and more willing to take on challenges; for a happier-learner habit that lasts.

Other Important Information

Pricing and payment is per calendar month.

For your convenience, new learner intakes begin on the 1st, 7th, or 14th of each month (pro rata). 

Each month includes ~20 days of online language, reading & cognitive skills-practice (based on the average of 5 training days per week) plus 45-minutes of parent/student/teacher call-time (unused package inclusions expire month-end). 

Your child will require a Wi-Fi connection, headset (with microphone for Reading Assistant Plus), & a computer, laptop, or iPad®.

Though every brain is different, a 5 x 30-mins Fast ForWord protocol (per week) will generally require a student-commitment of at least 3 to 6 months to build & strengthen neural pathways, create myelin in the brain for faster processing (via ongoing repetition) and consolidate learning  many stay longer to make the most of all learning opportunities and learners who are more than 1.5 years behind in reading may require 10 to 12+ months. Participants have the flexibility to complete 60 to 90 minutes per day (focussing on one mission only) for faster outcomes. 

Not sure how long your child will need? My month-by-month pricing helps make it easier for you to take things one step at a time.

Additional teacher calls are offered to our enrolled students at the discounted rate of $30 for 30-minutes (normally $50), when at least one child in your family is enrolled in my teacher-led package. You are welcome to purchase calls on an as needed basis or as a permanent addition to your monthly package.


When more than one family member is enrolled at the same time, additional member/s are offered a 10% discount off our teacher-led package, or there’s a lighter ‘sibling’ package… 1 mission only @ 30-mins a day (3- to 5-days per week) without the monthly teacher call, for $250/pcm. Teacher calls can be purchased separately (if needed) & there’s the option to transfer a 30-minute block from your initial family member’s account to a sibling’s package to enable 2 mission training for both children. Family members must share same home address & contact person to be eligible.

I work with pre-school, kinder kids, and primary school learners, aged 4½+.

This includes students who require home-based interventions or support for:

  • school readiness
  • accelerated learning
  • English extension
  • home-schooling
  • home-based language therapy
  • reading difficulties
  • auditory processing disorder
  • dyslexia
  • speech or language impairment
  • autism spectrum disorders (ASD)
  • ADD / ADHD
  • a specific learning disability
  • English language learners


🚀 Foundational Auditory Processing

Auditory processing disorder symptoms include difficulty following directions, inattentiveness, and learning or reading difficulties. There are several kinds of auditory processing issues. The symptoms can range from mild to severe. Children with APD can have weaknesses in one, some or all of these areas:

👉 Auditory discrimination: The ability to notice, compare and distinguish between distinct and separate sounds. The words sixty and sixteen may sound alike, for instance.

👉 Auditory figure-ground discrimination: The ability to pick out necessary and relevant sounds from extraneous background noises. Are you able to hear the person chatting next to you among a noisy group or if the kettle is boiling?

👉 Auditory memory: The ability to recall what you’ve heard, either immediately or when you need it later.

👉 Auditory sequencing: The ability to understand and recall the order of sounds and words. A child might say or write, “hostipal” instead of “hospital”, or hear the number 356 but write 365.


🚀 Did you know struggling readers need 10-times to 30-times more practice than peers to catch up?

This is difficult through traditional means like after-school tutoring.

The special patents, computerisation & digital enhancing of the language and reading activities in Fast ForWord allow learners to exercise both the frontal lobes and the ‘map’ parts of the brain at the same time…

This means learners can build speedy fibre-tracts that connect one side of the brain to the other… and build processing maps… and build language skills all at once!

In addition to this, teacher calls are an opportunity for children to experience Sounds~Write lessons which pair wonderfully with their online phonics-based Fast ForWord routine, and further reinforce sounds-based reading, writing and spelling skills.

Together we’ll make a difference. That’s why your free Orientation Call is a priority in Week 1. It is an important meet, greet and guidance opportunity — an initial 3-way interaction between learner, parent, and teacher to help motivate the journey ahead. 

Except for our sibling package, each calendar-month purchase also includes a 30-minute teacher call. You are free to decide whether you’d like to use this time to speak to me about your child’s progress, or use it as a ‘Student/Teacher’ session where I can observe your child completing their daily routine via screen-sharing &/or help your child grasp & strengthen the skills being practiced. As a certified practitioner, I also offer a 3rd lesson option: Sounds~Write. This is a gold-star linguistic phonics approach to the teaching of reading and it directly complements Fast ForWord as it starts with a focus on the sounds of language, then moves from sounds to the written word.

The perks of teacher assistance also extend to ongoing motivational support (and surprises!), healthy brain tips, daily progress emails, colouful weekly-progress charts, completion certificates, and personally tailored skills practice.

Neuroscientific protocols ensure a learner has the frequency, repetition and intensity of learning needed to strengthen (and increase) neuronal connections, so that associated learning tasks become easier and faster to perform. 

Successful, differentiated learning at Code Word Brain is supported by the powerful, neuroscientific learning hub, mySciLEARN. This delivers personalised, easy-to-follow, game like, skills-practice in quick 30-minute bursts via Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant Plus  intelligent, web-based programs that enable a learner to receive more repetition and corrective feedback than a teacher could deliver in the same amount of time. Saying that, neuroscientific protocols are not designed to replace a school curriculum, they are designed to enhance student success & self-belief.

Research shows inattention, impulsiveness, or even a sedentary lifestyle, lead to negative brain plasticity — a lack of thought-provoking stimulation links to less brain connections.

Brain plasticity and learning improve when we frequently revisit activities that are engagingly rigorous, novel, rewarding, and meaningful. 

At Code Word Brain, the minimum skills-practice required to uphold the principles of positive brain plasticity (the ability of the brain to rewire and improve) is 3-days of Fast ForWord per week @ 30 minutes per day. Five days per week is encouraged for optimal results, and learning can be further accelerated with multiple sessions per day (up to 60 – 90 minutes a day in total). When Reading Assistant Plus is chosen as a secondary mission to Fast ForWord, it requires no minimum protocol, but 20- to 30-minutes per day, over 1- to 5-days per week is recommended.

The Fast ForWord missions seamlessly address reading and language skills such as phonemic awareness, spelling, grammar, vocabulary, comprehension, sentence/paragraph building (and more) while concurrently developing the cognitive skills essential to all learning (memory, attention, processing, and sequencing). Fast ForWord is unique because it strengthens key pathways in the brain that help children (and adults) to:

1: Pay closer attention to teachers or tasks,

2: Absorb information faster, and

3: Remember what has been practiced, read, or taught.

Reading Assistant Plus is the only online reading software that ‘listens’ to students as they read. It also intervenes when they need help, tests reading comprehension, and provides non-judgmental feedback after each recording. Oral reading training is important for overall reading development so the Reading Assistant Plus program is the perfect partner for Fast ForWord. For learners still working towards basic word reading skills, Reading Assistant Plus can be used as a powerful listening comprehension tool (listening comprehension ability offers an indication of how well a child will understand text once other early reading skills like phonological awareness & decoding have been mastered). Reading Assistant Plus is suitable for beginning through to advanced readers & highly beneficial for English Language Learners. A microphone-headset is required.

Like everything in life, I know that what works wonders for one family, might not be right for another. So this is for you if…

Your child has trouble concentrating for longer than 10- to 30-minutes at a time and you know you need something different to typical tutoring.

You often wonder if weak cognitive skills such as memory, attention, processing & sequencing (rather than the curriculum itself) are holding your child back, and you’d love an approach that addresses language, reading, spelling & cognitive skills, simultaneously.

You feel a flexible, home-based approach is the ticket to making your family life and your child’s learning time more manageable.

You prefer to support a teacher-led, small-business that offers individualised service rather than one where your child may be lost in the crowd.

You appreciate not being spammed with endless advertising prior to & after making an enquiry, & it’s a welcome relief that at Code Word Brain, I prefer to truly help the families who need me enough to find me, instead of looking to conquer the masses.

You want to help your child with learning independence and autonomy, and you prefer they learn ‘how to think’ not ‘what to think’.

You sense that the educational system may not be meeting all your child’s needs, and it bugs you! You’d like to allow your child the time to build skills that will help them flourish, even in the face of fear, doubt, disappointment, or confusion.

You want to help your child move out of survival mode at school into feeling confident, safe, and secure.

It’s important to you that the true cause of your child’s learning struggles are addressed, at a brain level. You’re not interested in a band-aid approach or repeating more of the same lessons that didn’t work the first time.

Investing your time, money, & energy into supporting your child through the long-term process of learning is a priority for you. You want a learning journey that isn’t just about correct answers. You want your child to learn how to overcome obstacles with courage & determination, in a safe, non-judgmental environment.

You want your child’s experience of learning to involve growth, creativity, freedom, and the joy that comes from mastery.

You want your child to enjoy developing vital language, reading and cognitive skills so they can reach their dreams in the future.

You regard your child’s uniqueness and creativity as precious and want to nurture their right to stand out, not just fit in.

You believe in the use of reflection for personal growth.

Your child is willing to go for it and take a stand. They are excited and relieved to do tutoring. They know they need help and they’re ready to start!

Both you and your child are practiced at taking personal responsibility towards a goal.

Both you and your child are committed to transformation and excited for change.

Both you and your child feel excited about using technology to speed up learning.

Both you and your child like the idea of online tutoring that is live, in real time, and not usually longer than 30-minutes at a time.

Both you and your child want a teacher who sees your child as valuable, worthy, & full of potential, and helps them see this for themselves.

Both you and your child are ready to work together (with me), as much as I’m ready and excited to work with you!

At Code Word Brain, I love to make sure all our learners develop good learning habits from the start, and I want to make sure you’re happy with your purchase — that’s why I offer the 2 Week Satisfaction Scope Out. Simply ensure your child fully and purposefully completes their 3- to 5-day training weeks, for the first 2 weeks, & then, if you feel the program is not the right fit, let me know — I’ll discount your 2 week stay to $125, and honourably refund the remainder of your package cost.


Staying on beyond the 2 Week Satisfaction Scope Out? I can’t wait! I’ll even be sending you a free ‘commitment’ gift to bring some extra colourful fun to your little learner’s life and encourage them forward with Code Word Brain.

Wishing you bright days always,

Ms CW (Carolyn Woollard – Founder & Teacher at Code Word Brain)

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