Code Word Brain


Carolyn Woollard, primary teacher, uses neuroplasticity exercises to help kids learn.

Hi, I'm Carolyn Woollard the Teacher at Code Word Brain

I’m a primary teacher, parent, brain health coach & tutor in the Film & TV industry where, as well as teaching our littlest Aussie ‘stars their schoolwork, I’ve used novel, neuroplasticity exercises to help kids quickly comprehend their scripts, commit their lines to memory & enjoy anxiety-free acting.

My methods came from the ground-breaking neuroscientific research & teachings of experts like Dr Mike Merzenich, Carol Dweck, Dr Daniel Amen, Patrick McKeown, Dr Steven Lin & Jim Kwik.

I was so encouraged by how quickly neuroplasticity exercises improved expressive & receptive language, reading ability, confidence & even happiness for my students, I launched Code Word Brain to help benefit young learners, Australia wide.

Routine plays a ‘starring’ role in these fast, language-based neuroplasticity exercises, & when it comes to routine… there’s no place like home! Conveniently, you won’t need to go anywhere  you can do Code Word Brain everywhere, even on holiday.

For parents who know that good practice routines change everything, I’m here to guide & motivate the mission so your child is more inclined to take the personal me time needed to change & improve their brain for better learning & brighter days.

Carolyn Woollard

DipTeach | GradDipEd (Deakin)

Accredited Provider Fast ForWord (Australia)

Sounds~Write Accredited (SPELD)

Buteyko Breathing Method Certified (CertBBM)

Brain Health Licensed Trainer (Dr Amen / Amen Clinics)

Ready for brighter school days?