Colour Their Learning Blues…

Help your child to catch up & keep up in class with a fast, teacher-led, web-based learning therapy that improves language & reading difficulty PLUS memory, attention, anxiety, impulsivity & sleep — for brilliantly brighter school days!

Why This Learning Routine?

Ongoing Teacher-Time & Support

There’s a delicate balance in helping your own child with school work — too much “do this” & “not that” can trigger emotions that leave all the family frazzled. When a battle begins, learning ends.

I’ll be your teacher at hand to help keep things on the up and up!

Develop Key Language & Reading Skills

With 45 scaffolded exercises & 100’s of books online, Code Word Brain offers fun new ways to build phonemic awareness, reading fluency, spelling, grammar, punctuation, comprehension & more.

Plus online tutoring with optional phonics & decodable readers!

Strengthen Your Child's Cognitive Skills

Brainpower ACTIVATED | Achievement CELEBRATED!

The 45 language-based exercises are also scientifically geared to simultaneously develop & reward your child’s memory, attention, processing & sequencing skills — all key to successful learning!

Help Foundational Auditory Processing

Many kids who fall behind at school are simply unable to process rapid information quickly, efficiently or accurately enough. 

We’ll use exclusive, brain-based sound-training so your child can build & strengthen brain pathways & improve listening accuracy. 

Train & Maintain Functional Breathing

Nasal breathing improves intelligence, sleep & brain oxygen.

Around 40% of children with sleep disorders develop ADHD, ADD, or learning difficulties. Mouth-breathing is a major culprit! I train kids to nasal breathe for better sleep, reading, learning & sports.

Increase Brain Connectivity & Health

As a certified Brain Health Professional, I can help your child:

Learn to passionately care about their brain, identify and avoid things that hurt it and regularly engage in habits that boost it. When the brain works better, school days go better!

Nurture Personal Growth

Children deserve VIP care! Your child’s learning experiences & teacher interactions will be geared to improve self-confidence, alertness, communication, mental agility & multi-step directions…

— for better outcomes in English, maths, sport & the playground!

Name Your Time & Place, Day-by-Day!

It takes as little as 3- to 5-days a week, 30- to 35-minutes a day, & it can be done in three, separate 10-minute blocks if needed. Choose the times that suit you best — at home, even on holiday! 

Code Word Brain. For brilliantly brighter school days!

How is Code Word Brain Different?

It's 'Brain-Based' VIP Care for Kids!

Recent advances in brain imaging uncovered exciting news… the brain can change!

We now know that each new experience we have can prompt a change in brain structure, brain function, or both. 

It’s called neuroplasticity & the big question to ask in regard to learning is, “Is my child’s brain engaged in negative or positive plasticity?

Studies revealed a sedentary lifestyle, lack of thought-provoking stimulation & repeated inattention or impulsiveness decreased brain connections & cognition (negative plasticity).

Brain plasticity improved when learners frequently revisited engagingly rigorous, novel, rewarding & meaningful activities. As neuronal connections strengthened & increased, learning became easier & faster!

At Code Word Brain, your child is placed on a supportive, neuroscientific journey full of fun rewards & game-like learning, specifically formulated to bless the brain. 

One teacher-led, clinical-strength routine allows you to easily strengthen language & learning from home, in 30 minutes, so your child can fare better in school & beyond.

What Do Parents Say?

William's Journey

School Readiness to “School is a Success!”

“I noticed he was actually able to sound out the words!”

– Mum of 5 year-old, William.

Grace's First Day

Grace starts by developing listening accuracy & memory recall. As she listens to the directions, she also learns about shapes, colours & size.

“We’ll be doing this daily – she is loving it!”

– Mum of 5 year-old, Grace.

Who Am I?

I’m Ms. CW, a teacher who helps kids rapidly improve language, reading, & everyday school readiness by simultaneously developing key cognitive skills like memory, processing ability, listening accuracy & focus — all vital to learning but not easily fine-tuned at school.

I am a certified Fast ForWord provider, Sounds~Write practitioner, breathing & brain-health coach, active runner, and an accredited member of the Australian Tutoring Association.

Ready to give it a shot?