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 Colour those Learning Blues!

Need a new approach to your child’s learning? Code Word Brain goes above, beyond & outside of the box! Struggling & beginning primary school kids can improve reading, memory, attention, maths, anxiety, impulsivity & even sleep!

Playful, brain-based learning & 1:1 online tutoring. Since 2013.

Why brain-based tutoring?  ❤️

A Comprehensive & Consistent Practice

Parents who value life-long learning know that mental exercise positively enhances the brain at any age. Regular ‘brain-time’ at home readies your child to listen, learn, think & focus at school

— for better outcomes in English, maths, sport & the playground!

Enjoy Ongoing Teacher-Time & Support

I offer 1:1 online tutoring, or a brain plasticity & tutoring package that targets the underlying causes of language & reading difficulty so your child can make maximum progress in the shortest time.

Choose from weekly, fortnightly or monthly online tutoring options.

Fast-Track Language & Reading Skills

With 45 scaffolded exercises & 100’s of books online, Code Word Brain offers fun new ways to build phonemic awareness, reading fluency, spelling, grammar, punctuation, comprehension & more.

1:1 tutoring offers Sounds-Write phonics & decodable readers!

Strengthen Weak Cognitive Skills

Sounds-Write reduces cognitive overload & plasticity exercises simultaneously develop your child’s working memory, attention, processing & sequencing skills — all key to successful learning!

Brainpower ACTIVATED | Achievement CELEBRATED

Help Foundational Auditory Processing

Many kids who fall behind at school are simply unable to process rapid auditory information efficiently or accurately enough. 

We’ll use award-winning, Dr Merzenich’s auditory training to build & strengthen brain pathways, & improve listening accuracy.

Train & Maintain Functional Breathing

Nasal breathing improves intelligence, sleep & brain oxygen.

Around 40% of kids with sleep disorders develop ADHD, ADD, or learning difficulty. Mouth-breathing is a major culprit! I train kids to nasal breathe for better sleep, reading, learning & sports.

Increase Brain Connectivity & Health

As a certified Brain Health trainer, I can also help your child:

1: Learn to passionately care about their brain.
2: Identify and avoid things that hurt it. 
3: Regularly engage in habits, like Code Word Brain, that boost it. 

Name Your Time & Place, Day-by-Day!

Online tutoring means you can choose the times that suit you best — at home, even on holiday! For ongoing practice, add brain plasticity exercises 3- to 5-days a week, 30- to 35-minutes a day.

When the brain works better, school days go better!

How is
this different?

Online Tutoring | Code Word Brain | Phonics
Code Word Brain uses Koala Go - the most exciting online tutoring platform for kids
Code Word Brain uses Koala Go for online tutoring. Why? Because kids love learning this way!

Fun & Brainy VIP Tuition for Kids ❤

Scientific advances in the mid-90s confirmed great news… the brain can change!

By doing the right things you can physically make your brain work better & even grow new neurons! It’s called brain plasticity & it can hasten learning but there’s a flipside.

It’s not only head injuries that can hurt your brain & limit success, inapt habits can, too. 

A sedentary lifestyle, frequent inattention & impulsiveness link to negative plasticity. Less stimulation equals fewer brain connections, less brain reserve & inhibited learning.

Repeated practice creates positive plasticity. Brain pathways connect & increase, like grooves in an old-fashioned record! The more you practice, the stronger your grooves!

At Code Word Brain, I help kids find their learning groove faster with neuroscientific (game-like) plasticity training & 1:1 tutoring, specifically formulated to bless the brain!

What do parents say?

William's Journey

William's Journey | Code Word Brain

School Readiness to “School is a Success!”

“I noticed he was actually able to sound out the words!”

– Mum of 5 year-old, William.

Grace's First Day

Grace's First Day | Code Word Brain

Grace starts by developing listening accuracy & memory recall. As she listens to the directions, she also learns about shapes, colours & size.

“We’ll be doing this daily – she is loving it!”

– Mum of 5 year-old, Grace.

Carolyn Woollard, primary teacher, uses neuroplasticity exercises to help kids learn.

Who am I?

I’m Ms. CW, Code Word Brain’s founder & teacher. I use the science of reading to provide the best strategies possible for students to succeed. 

I help kids rapidly improve language, phonics, reading, foundational math skills & everyday school readiness by simultaneously developing key cognitive skills like memory, processing ability, listening accuracy & focus — all vital to learning yet difficult to fine-tune at school. 

I am a certified Fast ForWord provider, Sounds-Write practitioner, breathing & brain-health coach, and a qualified member of the Australian Tutoring Association.

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