Neuroscientific Reading, Language, Phonics & Cognitive Help - easy home-learning in just 30-mins with teacher support!

Calling all KIDS ON A MISSION... activate brainpower & enjoy chasing down the undercover culprits of  language, learning & reading difficulty from home, so you can triumph at school!

I'm Ms CW, a teacher who helps rapidly improve schoolwork, language & reading ability by simultaneously developing key cognitive skills — vital for learning but not easily practised at school.

Struggling readers need 10 to 30 times more practice than peers to catch up — not so easy through traditional means like after-school tutoring but from the comfort of your home, my neuroscientific learning routines will provide the means for your child to receive individualised, intensified practice of the skills he or she needs most. Manageable, fun, scientifically-measured & targeted so you can avoid homework-nightmares & see results sooner!

Different for a Reason

"OK, Kids... Hold your headphones!"

This is a specialised boot-camp like no other; a.k.a., 'Glasses For the Ears'! Expect full-tilt training that adapts to your learning pace & weeds out wobbly, old habits!

We'll be using Fast ForWord®, a series of sound- & word-based, brain-connectivity exercises pioneered by top neuroscientific learning-experts (including the esteemed 'Father of Brain Plasticity' - Dr Michael Merzenich) to simultaneously train, remediate & improve language, reading, memory, attention, sequencing & processing.

To drive the desired brain change, rookies are required to consecutively complete 2 specific missions out of the 10 that await, & I'll give you my top-secret 'Brain Warrior' tips along the way! Immediately accept subsequent missions or schedule them several months apart for a rocketing start to each school year!

You can also choose to add the companion program, Reading Assistant™ to build oral fluency, extend comprehension & vocabulary development, and move from 'rookie status' to 'master', even faster!

Let's Put the Pieces Together, Together!

✔ Foundational Auditory Processing: Ever wondered why learning & reading are easy for some, yet hard for others? Well, scientific research shows that slow progress is rarely linked to low intelligence, laziness or a lack of motivation. Many kids who fall behind at school are simply unable to process rapid information quickly, efficiently or accurately enough to bring about success. Whether you're a schoolkid or an adult, your brain needs TLC. Fast ForWord's exclusive, neuroscientific sound-training can build & strengthen brain pathways to improve your listening accuracy & make learning easier!

✔ Language & Reading Skills: 58 different exercises provide fun, new ways to build Phonemic Awareness, Phonics & Decoding, Spelling, High Frequency Words, Difficult Words (e.g. Homophones), English Language Conventions, Grammar, Reading Fluency, Vocabulary and Comprehension.

✔ Cognitive Skills: BONUS! The 58 exercises are all scientifically geared to ensure the simultaneous development of your Memory, Attention, Processing & Sequencing skills. Brainpower? ACTIVATED!

✔ Life Skills: Enhanced Self-Confidence, Improved Communication, Better Ability to Follow Directions, Greater Interest in Learning, & Mental Agility — train yourself to become more alert & experience the far-reaching improvements... in English class, Maths, on the sports field; even socially & emotionally.

Uncovering the Secrets to Better Learning

Most people recognise that repetition is key to learning. On average, to learn something new, you'll need to repeat a task 8 times, although if you're aiming to replace an old (or incorrect) action with a new (correct) action, you'll need to repeat it successfully 28 times.

Sounds easy enough... until you get bored, it feels too hard, you misunderstand the instructions or something 'better' grabs your attention. Even in a 1-to-1 learning situation, it's not always possible for a teacher & student to complete something enough times (& well enough) to make it stick. Especially when 'invisible' cognitive skills, not the lesson or task itself, are the core difficulty. Fast ForWord provides highly structured, rewards-based repetition that helps create myelin in the brain, to build & speed up these often-forgotten, yet crucial skills — & you'll be scheduled 3 to 5 compact sessions a week for maximum training effect... all bases covered!

A Healthier Brain... A Happier Life!

Research shows inattention, impulsiveness, or even a sedentary lifestyle, tie in with negative brain plasticity - less stimulation results in less connections in the brain.

On the flip side, brain plasticity & learning improve when we frequently revisit activities that are engagingly rigorous, novel, rewarding & meaningful. As neuronal connections strengthen & increase, assosciated tasks become easier & faster!

Technology can deliver many more repetitions to a learner than a classroom teacher ever could & the online platform we'll be using together allows actual neuroscientists to enhance your educative experience... you'll be in 'brain' expert hands!

Ready to Give Life Your Best Shot?

Spectators miss out on real learning. For your brain to gain true experience, you have to get in the arena!

Ready to get started? Plug a headset into your computer or iPad®; add internet, and I'll be there to help you with the rest (& cheer for you)... your brain can change!

Students regularly surprise their school teachers — often within weeks!

This is me learning in the arena of life! (I've completed all my Fast ForWord missions, too!). ❤ Learn well. Be swell. And enjoy the ride.

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